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Nestled on the north bank of the River Tay, Dundee beckons with its inviting selection of accommodation. Whether you’re after a snug weekend escape or a plush dwelling during your travels, you’ll discover the best hotels Dundee has to offer. From the quaint charm of budget-friendly inns to the opulent luxury suites, the city caters to every kind of traveller, ensuring your stay is as comfortable as it is memorable.

Join us as we unveil a curated list of the top hotels, where exclusive deals and warm hospitality are waiting to make your trip to Dundee truly unforgettable. Delve into our guide to find your perfect retreat in this spirited corner of Scotland.

Top 10 Hotels in Dundee

1. Discovering the Charm of Staybridge Suites in Dundee

When considering accommodation in Dundee, the Staybridge Suites stand out not only for their central location but also for their specialised attention to inclusive hospitality. These city centre hotels in Dundee are highly commended for their tailored disabled guest facilities, ensuring everyone experiences the utmost comfort and convenience.

Staybridge Suites Dundee

Known for excellence in hospitality, Staybridge Suites offers a unique combination of hotel luxury and homely comfort. Each suite at this prestigious accommodation boasts spacious seating areas, perfect for both short and extended stays. It’s no wonder that guests rate this establishment so highly, appreciating both its quality facilities and the friendly, attentive staff.

  • Central location near Discovery Point
  • Spacious suites with dedicated seating areas
  • Excellent rating of 9.1 for overall guest satisfaction
  • Inclusive options for disabled guest facilities

As one of the prime city centre hotels in Dundee, Staybridge Suites meets diverse guest needs, from families visiting the city to business travellers. The design and layout of the hotel ensure that all guests, including those with specific access requirements, enjoy a barrier-free and welcoming environment. The commitment to accessibility is complemented by the serene aesthetic and the warmth of the hotel staff, making every stay a delightful experience.

For travellers exploring accommodation options in Dundee, the Staybridge Suites offer not just a place to stay but a place to live and enjoy the vibrancy of Dundee with utmost ease and comfort.


2. The Unique Appeal of The Clarendon in Dundee City Centre

Nestled just a short walk from the heart of Dundee, The Clarendon Dundee stands as a beacon of luxury and tranquillity. This 4-star hotel, renowned for its distinctive character and serene ambiance, serves as the perfect city centre retreat with picturesque views over the River Tay.

luxury hotels Dundee

Upon entering The Clarendon, guests are immediately immersed in an atmosphere of sophistication and calm, making it one of the top luxury hotels Dundee has to offer. With features designed to cater to the discerning traveller, the hotel ensures a memorable and personalised stay.

  • Concierge Service: The Clarendon’s dedicated concierge service is always at hand to assist guests, whether it’s booking theatre tickets or recommending hidden gems within the city.
  • Allergy-Free Rooms: Prioritising guest comfort, the hotel offers allergy-free accommodations, ideal for those sensitive to allergens and seeking a worry-free stay.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Located merely 2.6 km from Discovery Point, guests have easy access to Dundee’s premier attractions while enjoying the peace of a luxury retreat.

The hotel not only stands out as a prime example of city centre hotels Dundee but also earns top marks with an exceptional 9.4 rating. The Clarendon Dundee, through its exceptional service and prime location, effectively marries the convenience of city life with the comfort of luxury accommodations.


3. The Bed and Breakfast Experience at Dupplin152

At the heart of Dundee’s vibrant city life, Dupplin152 bed and breakfast offers an exceptional stay with its combination of traditional charm and contemporary conveniences. With a superb location near key attractions like Discovery Point and the University of Dundee, it ranks as one of the finest places to stay Dundee has to offer.

bed and breakfast Dundee

Each elegantly designed room comes equipped with smart TVs, providing access to a wide range of satellite TV channels, ensuring that guests have plenty of entertainment options right at their fingertips. The modern amenities paired with a sumptuous bed guarantee a soothing retreat after a bustling day of exploration.

Here’s a quick glance at what makes Dupplin152 a standout bed and breakfast Dundee prides itself on:

  • Proximity to major educational and cultural sites
  • Superb satellite-equipped entertainment setups in each room
  • Delightfully prepared breakfast that caters to a variety of tastes
  • Luxurious bedding ensuring a restful night’s sleep

For tourists and locals alike seeking a personalised stay in the heart of Dundee, Dupplin152 offers an experience that combines comfort, convenience, and elegance.


4. Countryside Escapes at Forbes of Kingennie

Immerse yourself in the rustic elegance of Forbes of Kingennie, a gem among countryside hotels Dundee. This retreat is perfect for those looking to escape the urban bustle and enjoy the serenity of nature without straying too far from the city comforts.

Forbes of Kingennie

Forbes of Kingennie offers guests luxury bedrooms that epitomize comfort and style. Each room is designed to provide an ambience of tranquillity paired with modern amenities. The inclusion of private bathrooms in each bedroom ensures complete privacy and convenience, making your stay as comfortable as possible.

  • Experience the breathtaking views from your private balcony, overlooking lush landscapes that promise peaceful mornings and serene evenings.
  • Indulge in culinary delights at the on-site restaurant, where dishes are prepared using the freshest local ingredients.
  • Explore the surrounding beauty through activities such as fishing in well-stocked ponds, creating memorable experiences close to nature.

Whether you are in search of a peaceful retreat or an active getaway, Forbes of Kingennie serves as your perfect countryside escape. Just a short drive from Dundee, it merges accessibility with a sense of remote luxury uniquely found in the Scottish countryside.


5. Indulge in Presidential Luxury in Dundee

At the PRESIDENTIAL APARTMENT by SUNRISE SHORT LETS, guests can surround themselves with opulence that blends seamlessly into the breathtaking landscape of Dundee. Nestled between serene river views Dundee and the picturesque mountain scenery, this accommodation is a sanctuary of luxury and exclusivity.

Presidential Apartment river views Dundee

Designed for discerning travellers, whether families seeking cosy family accommodation Dundee or business travellers looking for a space to unwind, the PRESIDENTIAL APARTMENT offers more than just a stay – it offers a transformative experience. With a keen eye for detail and tailored services, this location scores a commendable 9.2 rating for its top-tier comforts and peerless cleanliness.

  • Luxury bedrooms Dundee that provide plush bedding and majestic views.
  • Expansive living areas with high-end finishes perfect for relaxation or casual business meetings.
  • State-of-the-art amenities including free WiFi and ample parking spaces.

Savour every moment at this premier destination where luxury meets tranquillity, right in the heart of Dundee.


6. A Seaside Retreat at Bay View Cottage Near Dundee

Experience a serene escape at Bay View Cottage, located in charming Newport-On-Tay, a stone’s throw from the vibrant city of Dundee. This delightful cottage is the epitome of a quintessential seaside retreat, offering guests a unique blend of tranquillity and accessibility.

Bay View Cottage

Ranked highly among seaside hotels Dundee, Bay View Cottage not only captivates with its picturesque views but also offers all the comforts of home with its thoughtful amenities. The cottage is a perfect sanctuary for those who value privacy, peace, and proximity to the sea.

  • Free WiFi allows guests to stay connected and share their scenic getaways.
  • Private parking adds convenience for those exploring the local area by car.
  • The proximity to local attractions in both Newport-On-Tay and Dundee ensures there’s always something to do.

Whether you’re looking for a peaceful spot to unwind by the sea or an ideal base for exploring Dundee and its surroundings, Bay View Cottage promises a stay that combines the tranquillity of a coastal retreat with the convenience of city amenities.


7. Tranquil Stays at The Old Stables

Nestled in the serene landscape of Kirkton of Tealing, just outside Dundee, The Old Stables is renowned for its commitment to tranquillity and comfort. As one of the leading tranquil hotels Dundee, it offers guests a unique combination of pastoral charm and modern amenities, ensuring a restful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

tranquil hotels Dundee

Renowned for their excellent non-smoking accommodation, The Old Stables guarantees a wholesome and clean environment, enhancing your stay with fresh, invigorating air and meticulously maintained rooms. This attention to detail is complemented beautifully by enchanting garden views available from various vantage points around the property. The meticulously landscaped gardens serve not only as a visual treat but also as a haven for quiet contemplation or leisurely strolls.

  • Each accommodation unit is perfectly poised to offer stunning views of these verdant surroundings, promoting relaxation and peace.
  • The interiors reflect a rustic charm paired with contemporary comforts, ensuring a pleasant and cosy stay.
  • As a leader among tranquil hotels Dundee, The Old Stables offers accessibility to nearby attractions while providing a secluded, peaceful base to return to.

Booking a stay at The Old Stables places you in the heart of nature with the convenience of quick access to Dundee’s city centre. Whether you’re in town for business or leisure, The Old Stables envisions a stay where tranquility and convenience meet. Embrace the calmness of this exceptional retreat, and nurture your spirit in a space where every corner is crafted for comfort.


8. Unwind in Style at Casa Fresa – Ferry House

If you’re seeking a blend of sophistication and convenience in your next getaway, look no further than Casa Fresa – Ferry House. This stylish accommodation Dundee offers is located in the charming area of Broughty Ferry and is perfect for travellers aiming to immerse themselves in elegance while having access to modern amenities like free WiFi.

Here’s what makes Casa Fresa – Ferry House a top choice:

  • Sophisticated décor that reflects the unique character of Broughty Ferry.
  • Prime location that allows easy access to local attractions and dining experiences.
  • Comfortable and contemporary environment with state-of-the-art facilities.

Renowned for its non-smoking apartments, Casa Fresa – Ferry House ensures a pleasant stay with each visit. Whether you are in town for business or leisure, the combination of its fashionable ambiance and essential facilities like free WiFi makes it an unrivalled option in Dundee.

stylish accommodation Dundee

So, when planning your next trip to Dundee, consider Casa Fresa – Ferry House for an unforgettable experience of comfort and style in Broughty Ferry. This accommodation not only meets your needs but also provides an upscale setting to unwind and recharge.


9. Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa

Among the premier spa hotels Dundee offers, the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa is a beacon of comfort and elegance. It stands majestically overlooking the city’s quay, providing guests with not only a luxury stay but also a breathtaking view. Known for its remarkable on-site restaurant, Quayside Bar & Grill, this establishment promises a gastronomic delight that complements its luxurious accommodation and spa services flawlessly.

Apex City Quay Hotel

The hotel’s master suite Dundee travellers often seek, is a highlight, showcasing lavish amenities and space. The suite is expertly designed for comfort and style, ensuring every stay is as memorable as it is comfortable. Below are some reasons why the Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa challenges the conventional hotel experience and transforms it into something spectacular:

  • Comprehensive Facilities: The hotel boasts a range of facilities including a state-of-the-art gym, the serene Yu Spa, and an indoor swimming pool, ensuring that guests have everything they need for relaxation and recreation on-site.
  • Scrumptious Dining: At the on-site restaurant, guests can savour a variety of local and international cuisines, all prepared with the freshest ingredients and utmost care. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, or dinner, dining here is always an occasion.
  • Luxurious Accommodations: Each room, especially the master suite, is furnished to reflect both modernity and comfort, providing a perfect backdrop for both rest and productivity.

The Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa remains a top choice for those searching for a blend of luxury, comfort, and exceptional service in the heart of Dundee. Its central location also provides easy access to the city’s main attractions, making it an ideal choice for both leisure and business travellers.


10. Travelodge Dundee Strathmore Avenue

When visiting Dundee and looking for an accommodation that hits all the right notes in affordability and comfort, Travelodge Dundee Strathmore Avenue stands out as a top choice. This hotel, renowned for its commitment to quality yet cost-effective services, provides everything you need for a hassle-free stay.

  • Family Rooms: Spacious and designed with the comfort of both adults and children in mind, the family rooms are ideal for those travelling with little ones.
  • Free Parking: Guests can enjoy the convenience of free parking, making it easier to explore Dundee without the extra cost or hassle of finding secure parking.

Travelodge Dundee ensures that all guests have access to essential amenities and enjoys a location that offers easy access to major attractions, making it a preferred choice among budget hotels Dundee. Whether you’re here for business or leisure, Travelodge provides a solid foundation for a memorable and economical stay.



Dundee’s eclectic array of lodgings offers an accommodation choice to suit every visitor, whether one is in pursuit of the opulence afforded by luxurious suites or the practicality of more economical rooms. Imbued with a rich cultural heritage, Dundee enriches its guests’ stays with a fusion of history and modern conveniences. These diverse accommodations are not merely places to stay in Dundee but are destinations in themselves, promising comfort, style, and a reflection of the city’s vibrant spirit.

From the bustling Dundee city centre to serene countryside locales, each option in our curated hotel deals Dundee brings its own unique flavour to the table. Visitors looking for a pastoral retreat or a city break can relish in the assurance that their specific preferences are catered for within the vast selection Dundee has to offer. Whether it is the meticulous service of a central boutique hotel or the homely charm of a bed and breakfast, the city’s accommodations ensure a memorable Scottish escape.


Can guests find accommodation with scenic or garden views in Dundee?

If you’re looking for scenic or garden views, The Old Stables provides a restful stay with beautiful garden vistas. Bay View Cottage also offers a peaceful setting with captivating seaside scenery.

Are there stylish and contemporary accommodation options in Dundee?

Casa Fresa – Ferry House in Broughty Ferry is known for its sophisticated décor and offers a stylish and contemporary stay. Additionally, Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa provides modern suites with the added bonus of spa treatments.

Which hotels in Dundee come with an on-site restaurant or spa?

Apex City Quay Hotel & Spa features the Quayside Bar & Grill and the Yu Spa for guests seeking both dining and wellness facilities all in one place. Forbes of Kingennie also offers an on-site restaurant for the convenience of its guests.

Can I find any budget hotels with good facilities in Dundee?

Travelodge Dundee Strathmore Avenue is a commendable budget hotel that doesn’t skimp on facilities, offering family rooms and free parking, making it a value stay in Dundee.

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