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Fancy a romantic evening or a family meal out? Whitby offers many great places to eat. You’ll find everything from elegant brasseries by the sea to charming Italian spots and fresh seafood eateries.

Every restaurant on our list is a special place to enjoy a meal. Let’s explore the top 10 dining spots in Whitby.

Top 10 Best Whitby Restaurants

1. Ditto

Ditto is a lovely British restaurant in Whitby. It’s loved by both locals and visitors. The cozy setting is perfect for enjoying meals made with fresh, local ingredients.

Enjoy tasty meals that celebrate the best of British food at Ditto. Their menu includes dishes like steamed cod loin and rolled roast lamb breast. Each dish is expertly prepared, making every bite a wonderful experience.

For vegetarians, there are many options at Ditto. Try the fresh Heritage tomato salad for a burst of flavour. Or, go for something more filling like the roast cauliflower with goat’s cheese pierogi.

Ditto is at 26 Skinner St, Whitby YO21 3AJ, making it easy to find. For more info or to book a table, call 01947 601404.

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2. Trenchers

Trenchers is well-known in Whitby for its exciting seafood dishes. It’s a hit with those who love the sea’s flavors. You can’t miss their famous fish and chips. They are located on New Quay Rd, Whitby YO21 1DH, and open all day.

Their menu at Trenchers offers much more than just fish and chips. They have a variety of seafood meals that anyone can enjoy. You can choose from light lunch options to full dinners at this favourite spot. Each meal, like grilled salmon or seared scallops, uses the freshest seafood.

Trenchers is known for serving food all day. So, whether you want a late breakfast, a snack, or a romantic meal, Trenchers meets your needs.

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Many people love Trenchers for their dedication to top-notch food and service. They’ve won awards because of their excellent ingredients and great cooking. This is why both locals and those visiting love them.

Are you heading to Whitby and want great seafood? Don’t forget to visit Trenchers for their famous fish and chips. Enjoy the flavours of their seafood meals any time. It makes any dining occasion special.

If you’re thinking of dining at Trenchers, give them a call on 01947 603212. They can help you book a table or answer any menu questions. Trenchers offers the best of Whitby’s food scene. Don’t miss out.

3. Moutreys

Moutreys is a warm Italian spot in the heart of Whitby. It’s perfect for a cosy dinner date. The atmosphere is intimate, setting the scene for an unforgettable night out.

The menu at Moutreys is packed with Italian delights. You can pick from dishes like spaghetti carbonara or tasty wood-fired pizzas. Their lasagne is also a big hit. Everything is made with top-quality ingredients for a true taste of Italy.

Moutreys loves their seafood, too. If you like seafood, you have to try their dishes. They serve up tasty seafood linguine and rich seafood risotto. All their seafood is locally sourced, making it fresh and full of flavour.

Address: 9 Grape Ln, Whitby YO22 4BB

Contact Number: 01947 602751

In Whitby and craving some authentic Italian? Moutreys is your spot. It offers a welcoming vibe, great food, and a focus on fresh seafood. This gem is sure to impress, creating special memories.

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4. The Fisherman’s Wife

The Fisherman’s Wife is a well-known seafood restaurant in Whitby. It’s loved for its fresh, responsibly sourced fish. They aim to keep the ocean healthy by choosing their fish carefully.

They prepare many tasty dishes. This includes their famous fish pie, using local fish, and the tasty Scottish salmon. Plus, their seafood linguine is a flavourful dish many enjoy.

The restaurant has great options besides fish. Their award-winning steak pie is a favourite. And, for those who love burgers, the homemade burger is a must-try. Their menu is varied, making sure everyone finds something they like.

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5. Albert’s Eatery

Albert’s Eatery is a lovely restaurant in Whitby. It celebrates the charm of British food. The heart of their success is using fresh, local produce. This means their ingredients are always at their best and they help support local farmers.

The selection at Albert’s is wide, reaching into every taste. From the sea, you might enjoy their delicious shellfish linguine. And if you prefer meat, the 10oz ribeye is a must-try, cooked just how you like it.

Albert’s also offers amazing dishes for those who choose a plant-based diet. Their roasted leek and lemon risotto is full of fresh flavour. Or, try the Mediterranean vegetable linguine for a hearty, yet healthy, meal.

Address: Wesley Hall, Church St, Whitby YO22 4DE.

Contact number: 01947 666046.

Dining at Albert’s is more than just a meal. It’s about supporting local growers and enjoying the finest British dishes. Sit down, relax, and let the tastes of Whitby enrich your mealtime.

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6. Magpie Café

Magpie Café is a top choice for seafood in Whitby. It’s loved for its fresh fish, straight from the local waters. This brings out the best in their dishes.

Here, you can enjoy fish cooked just right, whether grilled or poached. They have favourites like haddock, cod, and halibut. Try their seafood chowder or lobster thermidor for a real treat. These dishes are full of flavour.

For seafood fans in Whitby, a visit to Magpie Café is a must. It sits at 14 Pier Rd, Whitby YO21 3PU, delivering great food for all events. To book a table or learn more about what they offer, call 01947 602058.

7. Kamthai Thai Restaurant

Kamthai Thai Restaurant in Whitby is a treat for those who love Thai food. You can choose from a range of dishes, like Thai curries, grilled meats, and chicken meals. Their food captures the true essence of Thailand. It’s like taking a culinary trip to Thailand without leaving Whitby.

Vegetarians have many options at Kamthai Thai. They can enjoy dishes such as vegetarian spring rolls and stir-fried tofu. The staff are friendly, always ready to help you pick the best Thai meal for you.

If eating at home is more your style, Kamthai Thai has you covered. They offer a takeaway service so you can enjoy authentic Thai food wherever you are.

Don’t miss out on trying Kamthai Thai in Whitby. It’s a place where each dish tells a story through its vibrant flavours. A visit promises an adventure for your taste buds.

Here are the details:

  • Address: Unit 6, Whitby Rail Station, Station Square, Whitby YO21 1DX
  • Contact number: 01947 601693

8. Cosa Nostra

Cosa Nostra is found in a beautiful Grade II listed building in Whitby. It serves many Italian dishes like pasta, risotto, steak, and pizza. Everyone can find something they love on the menu here. Whether you’re after a simple Margherita pizza or a bountiful spaghetti Bolognese, you’ll find it at Cosa Nostra.

The place has a lovely feel and welcomes families. Its location in a historic building makes dining here special. You’ll enjoy a setting rich in history.

9. Harry’s Lounge Bar & Brasserie

Harry’s Lounge Bar & Brasserie is a top spot in Whitby. It offers a great dining experience with stunning views of the harbour. The menu is varied, featuring locally-sourced food like seafood, meat, and veggie dishes. There’s something for everyone here.

Their “Steak on the Stone” dishes stand out. You get to cook your own steak on hot griddle stones. It’s fun and tasty, especially if you love meat.

Seafood lovers should stop by for the pan-fried sea bass or the lobster thermidor. These dishes highlight Whitby’s fresh seafood, promising a great meal.

10. The Star Inn The Harbour

The Star Inn The Harbour is a top restaurant near Whitby’s harbour. It’s owned by Andrew Pern, who has another top spot in Harome. This place is famous for its fresh seafood and meals from game in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Here, you’re sure to have a great meal. With lovely views and tasty food, it’s a winning spot. They use only the best local ingredients.

Seafood lovers, this is your place to be. They have everything from scallops to lobster. But if seafood isn’t your thing, they also cook up delicious land meals, like steaks and burgers.

It’s not just the food that wins awards here. The service is also top-notch. The staff will pick the perfect wine for you or help with any food needs.

The Star Inn The Harbour is perfect for a great meal in Whitby. It’s also great for any event, from casual hangs to special times. You can find it at Langborne Rd, Whitby YO21 1YN, or call them on 01947 821900.


Whitby has a wide range of places to eat, from classic British meals to favourite Italian items and tasty seafood dishes. The top 10 best Whitby restaurants ensure a meal you won’t forget. They offer varied menus with top-notch ingredients. If you love seafood, hearty British food, or dishes from around the world, Whitby has it all.

Take a dive into Whitby’s restaurant world, full of fresh tastes, inviting atmospheres, and friendly people. While the top 10 restaurants shine, Whitby has many more to offer, fitting various tastes. You’ll find everything from cosy cafes to fancy spots. The mix of food experiences in Whitby is impressive, always mixing coastal beauty with nice dishes.

If you’re around or just visiting Whitby, get ready for a food adventure. Discover delicious meals, stunning seaside views, and friendly welcomes. There are options for every occasion, from a simple meal near the sea to a special night out. Let the top 10 Whitby restaurants be your guide to food heaven in this lovely seaside town.


What is Trenchers known for?

Trenchers is famous in Whitby for its top-notch fish and chips. Their dishes have won awards.

Where can I find a romantic Italian restaurant in Whitby?

For a cosy and romantic evening, head to Moutreys. It’s an Italian spot ideal for dates.

What is the most popular seafood restaurant in Whitby?

The iconic Magpie Café is Whitby’s seafood hotspot. It’s a go-to for many visitors.

Where can I find authentic Thai cuisine in Whitby?

If you love Thai food, go to Kamthai Restaurant. It’s known for its authentic Thai flavours.

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