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Plymouth is full of amazing places to eat. We’ve found the top 10 restaurants in the city. These eateries are hidden treasures. Each one offers something special for everyone.

Looking for the best spots in Plymouth to enjoy a great meal? Both food lovers and those who enjoy dining out will be happy with our picks. We’ve chosen the best places to eat in Plymouth. You’re bound to love every bite!

Top 10 Restaurants Plymouth

These top 10 spots cover a wide range of cuisines. From Mediterranean, Middle Eastern to classic British and Asian dishes, there’s lots to try. Don’t settle for less when Plymouth’s best is ready to be explored.

Whether you’re new to the city or a Plymouth local, our guide will help you find amazing places to eat. Plymouth has a lot to offer, from its varied foods to its popular dining spots. Get ready to enjoy the food scene here.

1. Souk

Souk is a hidden gem in Plymouth. It offers amazing Middle Eastern food. It’s in the city’s heart, taking you to the Med with its enchanting flavors.

Plymouth restaurant

At Souk, you’re welcomed by the smell of spices and a cozy atmosphere. Their menu shines with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes.

You can enjoy delicious meals like scrumptious falafel, creamy hummus, and juicy kebabs. Each dish is made authentically, promising a memorable taste journey.

Whether you love meat or are a vegetarian, Souk meets your every taste. They have something for everyone, from tasty lamb kebabs to vegetable tagines.

But its reputation speaks for itself. With top marks, guests love the food and service. It’s a top spot for anyone who loves good food in Plymouth.

Unique Dining Experience

Dining at Souk is special, an adventure in itself. The decor, mirroring markets in the Middle East, adds to the experience. You can eat inside or on the terrace, feeling the city’s vibrant energy. It’s perfect for any occasion, from romantic dinners to fun meet-ups.

At Souk, the staff are friendly and know their dishes. They help choose meals and drinks, making sure you leave happy.

Discover Souk Today

Take a journey through the Mediterranean in Plymouth at Souk. For great food, hospitality, and atmosphere, Souk is the spot.

Feel the Med with vibrant colors, bold spices, and rich smells. Reserve a table for an unforgettable meal.

Don’t miss Plymouth’s hidden treasure. Discover Souk and enjoy the Mediterranean’s enticing dishes.

2. Maurish

Maurish is a hidden gem in Plymouth, with food inspired by Moorish culture. It mixes Mediterranean tastes with local finds, making each bite special. You can enjoy everything from grilled dishes to small plates. The welcoming vibe and great service at Maurish draw in people from near and far.

Looking for Moorish food? Head straight to Maurish in Plymouth. Their menu bursts with delicious Mediterranean dishes. You can pick from juicy meats, tasty tapas, or veggie delights. Maurish truly caters to every taste.

Maurish Plymouth restaurant

What makes Maurish special is its focus on local food. By using local ingredients, they ensure freshness and help the community. Each dish carries the spirit of the region’s food.

The place is cosy and inviting, setting the scene for a lovely meal. The staff are always ready to make your time special, showing you true hospitality.

Are you a fan of Moorish meals, or curious to try? If so, don’t miss Maurish in Plymouth. It’s the spot to dive into the Mediterranean’s delicious world. See for yourself why people love eating here.

3. Kawaffle

Looking for a great brunch in Plymouth? Kawaffle is your spot. It’s a hidden gem with a menu full of Belgian waffles. You can choose from sweet classics to unique dishes, like waffles with fried chicken on top. Kawaffle serves them all.


The place is warm and inviting, making it ideal for starting your day in Plymouth.

4. Tantuni

Plymouth Restaurant - Tantuni

Tantuni is a special place in Plymouth. It serves amazing Turkish food. People love their delicious kebabs and tasty mezes. The restaurant always uses fresh, top-quality ingredients.

When you enter Tantuni, you feel at home. It’s full of the lively culture of Turkey. There are many kebab dishes to choose from, such as lamb and chicken. They are all made perfectly. Plus, they have food for vegetarians too.

Don’t miss the mezes at Tantuni. These small Turkish plates are great for sharing. You can try things like hummus and ezme. They really add a lot of flavor to your meal.

Tantuni cares about more than just great food. They want to make your visit unforgettable. The staff is friendly and helpful. They’ll help you pick the right dish. This makes any meal, whether for lunch or dinner, a special experience.

Looking for Turkish food? Tantuni is a top choice in Plymouth. It’s easy to find and has a menu full of Turkish favourites. The smells and tastes will take you on a journey to Turkey’s lively markets.

5. The Halfway House Pub & Kitchen

The Halfway House Pub & Kitchen is a special find in Plymouth. It’s famous for its good old British pub food. Situated in the city’s centre, it welcomes you with tasty meals like fish and chips, roast beef, and shepherd’s pie. These are all made with local ingredients, giving you a true taste of Britain.

Step into The Halfway House and experience its cozy feel. This pub is filled with traditional charm. It’s like being in a classic British pub, right in the city.

Enjoy a great meal with a local ale or your favourite drink. The staff know their stuff and will help you pick the best drink. They make your visit a delight.

Craving a good lunch, a full dinner, or a Sunday roast? This is your ideal spot. Every dish is crafted with care. It ensures a delightful meal every time for anyone who stops by.

The Halfway House Pub & Kitchen

  • Enjoy classic British pub dishes like fish and chips, beef roast, and shepherd’s pie
  • Locally sourced ingredients for an authentic taste
  • Warm and welcoming atmosphere with traditional pub decor
  • Extensive bar selection including local ales
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff

6. The Tudor Rose Tea Rooms & Garden

The Tudor Rose Tea Rooms & Garden in Plymouth is a charming spot for a British dining experience. It offers a lovely afternoon tea, complete with homemade scones and finger sandwiches. Also, there’s a selection of cakes to enjoy.

Indulge in The Tudor Rose’s Afternoon Tea and enjoy the Plymouth setting. You’ll get to taste freshly baked scones with clotted cream and jam. They also serve fine sandwiches, like cucumber with cream cheese and more. And you can’t miss their selection of cakes and pastries for dessert.

The tea rooms come with a lovely garden. Enjoy a walk in the paths, see flowers in bloom, and find some quiet time. This garden is perfect for a chill gathering or a relaxed afternoon with tea.

  • Enjoy a charming and quintessentially British dining experience
  • Indulge in a traditional afternoon tea with homemade scones and finger sandwiches
  • Savor a variety of homemade cakes and pastries
  • Relax in the serene surroundings of the tea rooms’ picturesque garden

Looking for a nice afternoon or a place to celebrate something special? The Tudor Rose Tea Rooms & Garden fits perfectly. It offers great treats, a welcoming atmosphere, and an unforgettable dining scene in Plymouth.

7. Asian Noodle Bar

Asian Noodle Bar is a secret spot in Plymouth, tempting with its Asian-inspired dishes. It serves a rich mix of meals, including classic noodle recipes and exciting stir-fries. If you fancy bold Thai spices, rich Chinese meals, or light Vietnamese tastes, you’re in the right place.

Walking into Asian Noodle Bar feels like entering a food lover’s dream, with smells that’ll make your mouth water. Choose from a big bowl of ramen, full of soft noodles and delicious toppings. Or try the popular pad Thai, a mix of noodles, juicy shrimp, and crispy peanuts.

For an adventure in dining, check out the diverse menu at Asian Noodle Bar. It has everything from Japanese udon’s comforting flavors to the spicy kick of Szechuan noodles. Each meal is crafted to introduce your taste buds to something new.

Asia Noodle Bar turns every meal into a discovery of Asian food. This spot is ideal for fans of noodles and those wanting to try fresh tastes. Pop over to Plymouth’s Asian Noodle Bar for an amazing feast you won’t forget.

8. Revolution Plymouth

Revolution Plymouth is a top pick for those wanting a lively dining scene. It’s right in the city centre, known for its wide menu of tasty bar food and creative cocktails.

The menu at Revolution Plymouth is full of tempting dishes. You can pick from loaded nachos and fiery chicken wings to big burgers and tasty tacos. It’s perfect for a snack or a full meal to beat any hunger.

The bar at Revolution Plymouth is famous for its cocktails. Talented mixologists blend drinks using the best spirits and fresh fruits. They serve classics like mojitos and margaritas, and unique drinks like the Pornstar Martini and the Apple Pie Cocktail.

When you enter Revolution Plymouth, you feel the excitement and warmth from the staff. It’s great for parties, meetups, or just a night out. The setting here is unmatched.

They also stay open late, perfect for a late-night bite and drink. The lively vibe and great tunes promise a night you won’t forget. It’ll draw you back again and again.

In Plymouth, if you want a spot with great food, amazing cocktails, and a buzzing atmosphere, head to Revolution Plymouth. Go there to see why it’s loved by everyone, visitors and residents alike.

9. Cosmic Kitchen, Plymouth

If you’re into vegetarian or vegan food and in Plymouth, you must visit Cosmic Kitchen. This gem in the city’s centre is known for its focus on eco-friendly dining. It’s a place you can eat well and do good for the environment.

At Cosmic Kitchen, the menu features exciting veggie and vegan options. It’s a great spot for both full-time plant eaters and those curious to try. There’s something delicious waiting for you.

This restaurant’s menu is all about the skills of its chefs. They turn simple ingredients into dishes like jackfruit tacos and veggie burgers. Every meal promises an explosion of tasty flavours.

The magic of Cosmic Kitchen is more than its food. It’s about using local, organic foods to make your meals. By choosing these, they support the community and the planet.

Are you an old hand at veggie eating or new to it all? Cosmic Kitchen is a friendly space for everyone. You’ll feel right at home with their top-notch service and welcoming vibes.

If you’re in Plymouth, or just passing through, a trip to Cosmic Kitchen is a must. They offer mouth-watering vegetarian and vegan dishes. It’s good for you and for the earth. You won’t regret it.

10. German Doner Kebab

Want a quick and tasty meal in Plymouth? German Doner Kebab – Plymouth is your spot. They’re well-known for their delicious German kebabs.

At this kebab place, you’ll find a variety of tasty options. They make their kebabs with top-notch ingredients. If you love chicken, beef, or veggie kebabs, they’ve got you.

What makes German Doner Kebab – Plymouth special is their fast service. But, they never compromise on the taste. It’s perfect for eating in or grabbing food on the run.

Looking for a great meal in Plymouth? Visit German Doner Kebab – Plymouth. Their German kebabs are a hit, whether you’re from around here or just passing through. They’re fast food that’s just right.

Why wait? Try the amazing German kebabs at German Doner Kebab – Plymouth today!


Plymouth is bursting with fantastic places to eat. You can find amazing food from around the world. Whether it’s Mediterranean, British, Asian, or even vegan, Plymouth has something special for everyone. The top 10 restaurants here have been selected for an unforgettable eating adventure.

Enjoy the cosy feel of Souk or try the rich Moorish food at Maurish. Taste heavenly Belgian waffles from Kawaffle or Turkish treats at Tantuni. Fancy some British classics? The Halfway House Pub & Kitchen is a must-visit. For a more traditional meal, head to The Tudor Rose Tea Rooms & Garden.

Asian food lover? Don’t miss out on the fantastic noodles and stir-fries at Asian Noodle Bar. At Revolution Plymouth, you can enjoy delicious bar snacks with creative drinks. Vegetarians and vegans will love Cosmic Kitchen. And for a quick bite, German Doner Kebab – Plymouth is the spot to be.

There’s so much incredible food in Plymouth, from high-end dining to casual eats. Don’t miss the chance to discover these hidden gems. Start your food journey and explore Plymouth’s exciting restaurant scene today!


Are there any restaurants in Plymouth that serve Asian cuisine?

Yes, for Asian food, try Asian Noodle Bar. They have noodle and stir-fry dishes. You’ll find tastes from Thailand, China, and Vietnam.

Can you recommend a lively dining experience in Plymouth?

For excitement, visit Revolution Plymouth. It’s lively with great food and cocktails. Their bar food is delicious.

Are there any vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Plymouth?

Cosmic Kitchen is Plymouth’s go-to for plant-based meals. They offer creative dishes like jackfruit tacos and vegan burgers.

Where can I find German-style kebabs in Plymouth?

For German-style kebabs, go to German Doner Kebab – Plymouth. They have a variety of tasty options. It’s a quick and satisfying choice.

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