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For those with a penchant for exquisite gastronomy, Leicester presents a veritable feast of choices. Whether you’re scouring top restaurants near me, eager for a taste of multicultural culinary riches or a curated guide to the city’s epicurean panorama, Leicester doesn’t disappoint.

Such establishments exemplify the dining delights that place restaurants Leicester among the UK’s top destinations for food lovers. With every sip of coffee at St Martins or bite of Gelato Village’s artisanal gelato, Leicester affirms its status as a culinary capital brimming with delectable diversity.

Top 10 Restaurants Leicester

1. Sixes Social Cricket Leicester: Where Cuisine Meets Sport

Positioned as one of the most exhilarating Leicester eateries, Sixes Social Cricket Leicester uniquely combines the excitement of sport with the pleasure of dining, making it one of the best places to eat in Leicester for those looking for something beyond the ordinary. The venue boasts a menu that includes favourites such as succulent burgers and wood-fired pizzas, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

This popular dining spot in Leicester immerses guests in the world of cricket, offering not just a meal, but a memorable experience. The thrill of indoor cricket paired with an exceptional dining atmosphere allows patrons to enjoy what is best described as a dynamic recreation culinary experience. It’s perfect for anyone looking to add a dose of thrill to their meal times. Among the special packages offered, highlights include the “Bottomless Brunch” and the indulgent “Out Out” package, each providing unlimited fun and food in a lively atmosphere.

Sixes Social Cricket Leicester dining and cricket experience

As one of the most popular dining spots in Leicester, Sixes Social Cricket is not just about the food or the sport; it’s about bringing people together for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or looking for a lively dining venue, Sixes offers a versatile setting that caters to both adults and children alike. With provisions for group bookings and special events, it’s an ideal spot for parties, team outings, or a family day out.

The unique blend of excellent cuisine and interactive cricket at Sixes Social Cricket Leicester makes it a standout destination. An evening here is not just about dining out; it’s about being part of something exciting and new, setting it apart from other Leicester eateries. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor, Sixes offers a taste of the dynamic and evolving culinary landscape of Leicester.


2. Savouring Local Produce at The Case Restaurant

Among the fine dining restaurants in Leicester, The Case Restaurant shines as a beacon of culinary excellence, dedicated to using locally sourced ingredients. This commitment not only brings fresher flavors to the plate but also supports Leicester’s local farmers and producers, enhancing community and sustainability. The Case Restaurant’s menu, rich in variety, caters to all dietary preferences, making it a standout in Leicester restaurant reviews.

The contemporary ambiance of The Case Restaurant complements its sophisticated menu perfectly. Each dish, carefully crafted to meet vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free standards, showcases the versatility of fresh ingredients. This dedication to quality and detail is mirrored by the restaurant’s knowledgeable staff, who enhance the dining experience with impeccable service.

  • The extensively curated wine list offers a perfect pairing for every dish, elevating the dining experience to new heights.
  • As patrons savour their meals, they are treated to a dining environment that is as inviting as it is stylish, making every visit memorable.

With its focus on high-caliber culinary offerings and local produce, The Case Restaurant remains a prime choice for anyone looking for fine dining restaurants in Leicester. Whether for a special occasion or a delightful meal out, this restaurant promises an exquisite dining adventure that is sure to impress.

Savouring Local Produce at The Case Restaurant


3. The Blacksmiths Arms: A Blend of Traditional and Modern Gastronomy

Among the Leicester restaurant reviews, The Blacksmiths Arms stands out as a cornerstone of traditional yet modern British pub dining, making it a notable mention when searching for top restaurants near me. This cherished establishment combines classic charm with contemporary culinary practices, resulting in a homely yet refined dining atmosphere.

Loved for its robust selection of gastro pub classics, The Blacksmiths Arms excels in using locally sourced ingredients to craft dishes that evoke both nostalgia and excitement. The dedication to quality is evident, from succulent roasted meats to creatively reimagined vegetable entrees, ensuring every patron leaves satisfied.

  • Local craft beers and an impressive range of spirits and wines complement the inventive menu.
  • The warmly lit dining space invites both locals and visitors to unwind and enjoy a meal that feels both familiar and innovative.

In addition, The Blacksmiths Arms is lauded for exceptional customer service, with staff who are not only attentive but also knowledgeable about the extensive menu and the origins of their offerings. This level of care makes it a favoured destination among top restaurants near me for anyone seeking a memorable Leicester dining experience.

Leicester restaurant reviews

Whether you are looking for a cosy spot for a casual dinner, a place to celebrate a special occasion or keen on exploring the famed Leicester restaurant reviews, The Blacksmiths Arms is undoubtedly a top choice. Its ability to seamlessly blend the rustic appeal of a traditional English pub with modern gastronomic flair places it high on the list of must-visit eateries in Leicester.


4. North Bar and Kitchen: A Trailblazer in Innovation and Taste

Among the Leicester eateries, North Bar and Kitchen stands out as a beacon of culinary creativity and sophistication. Known as one of the best places to eat in Leicester, this venue combines chic, modern aesthetics with a convivial atmosphere perfect for both casual diners and those celebrating special occasions.

Innovative dining at North Bar and Kitchen

The secret to the vibrant and eclectic menu lies in its commitment to using fresh, locally sourced ingredients, turning both classic and inventive dishes into remarkable culinary experiences. Diners at North Bar and Kitchen can enjoy a range of flavours, meticulously combined to ensure that every bite is delightful and memorable.

  • Vast Menu Selection: From local favourites to bold new ventures, the offerings cater to all palates.
  • Stylish Decor: Radiating elegance and contemporary charm, making it a cosy haven for any diner.
  • Comprehensive Drink Selection: An impressive array of beverages complements the meal, satisfying even the most discerning drink connoisseurs.

Not just focusing on food and design, North Bar and Kitchen also takes pride in providing a holistic dining experience that positions it as a pioneer among Leicester eateries. When searching for the best places to eat in Leicester, North Bar and Kitchen offers a unique blend of taste and innovation that sets it apart in the culinary landscape of the city.


5. Indulgent Gastronomy at The White Peacock

Among the popular dining spots in Leicester, The White Peacock stands out as a beacon of culinary artistry located on the prestigious King Street. This fine dining restaurant in Leicester, known for its sophisticated atmosphere, elevates the dining experience to remarkable heights.

The White Peacock’s reputation as one of the fine dining restaurants in Leicester is well-earned, with its innovative use of local ingredients that transform every meal into an unforgettable experience. The menu is a testament to the chef’s creativity, offering an array of dishes that are both visually appealing and delightful to the palate.

  • Award-Winning Excellence: The White Peacock was honoured with the Best Fine Dining award at the Leicestershire Tourism & Hospitality Awards, a testament to its exceptional culinary and service standards.
  • Exquisite Tasting Menus: The restaurant offers a range of tasting menus, including 7 and 9-course options on Saturdays, perfect for those who wish to indulge in a variety of flavours.
  • Exclusive Wine Selection: Patrons can enhance their dining experience with a handpicked selection of wines, available by the glass or bottle, carefully chosen to complement each dish.

With its commitment to sourcing locally, The White Peacock is an exemplary model of sustainability in the culinary world. The chefs focus on the finest and freshest ingredients, ensuring that each dish not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning diners.

For those seeking an indulgent dining experience at one of the most sophisticated fine dining restaurants in Leicester, The White Peacock offers not just a meal, but a journey into the world of haute cuisine. Here, every visit becomes a cherished memory, making it a coveted destination for both locals and visitors alike.

Fine Dining at The White Peacock


6. Kayal: An Authentic South Indian Dining Odyssey

Embark on a culinary journey at Kayal, a cornerstone of Leicester’s vibrant dining scene, celebrated for its authentic South Indian flavours. This restaurant has been a favourite in the Leicester city dining guide for its rich assortment of traditional dishes that transport diners straight to the coasts of Kerala.

Since its establishment in 2004, Kayal has not only tantalised taste buds across Leicester but also in Nottingham, Royal Leamington Spa, and West Byfleet. Each location upholds the commitment to authentic, healthy dining, which has rightfully earned it the ‘Healthiest Restaurant Award’. Whether you are dining in Leicester or any of its other locations, Kayal guarantees an exceptional experience with its dedicated ‘Kayal’s Herb’ brand offering exclusive Kerala vegetarian meals.

The culinary prowess of Kayal is bolstered by a team of skilled chefs from Kerala, whose expertise is evident in every dish served. From the luscious Fish Mappas to the perfectly seasoned Meen Pollichathu, each recipe is crafted to perfection, securing glowing Leicester restaurant reviews.

Moreover, Kayal focuses on convenience with thoughtful amenities like the provision of parking details for each of its locations and streamlined online booking services available in Leicester, Leamington, and Nottingham. These services ensure that every visit is hassle-free, allowing diners to immerse themselves in the delightful ambience and cordial service that Kayal is known for.

Leicester city dining guide showcasing Kayal

The dining experience at Kayal is more than just a meal; it’s an odyssey that offers a deep dive into the heart of South Indian culinary artistry in the bustling context of Leicester’s food scene. It stands out as an indispensable destination in any Leicester city dining guide, inviting both food enthusiasts and casual diners alike to relish in authentic flavours and stellar service.


7. Gelato Village: Authentic Italian Delights in Leicester

If you’re exploring the best places to eat in Leicester and have a penchant for authentic Italian ice cream, Gelato Village offers an unmatched experience. This beloved Leicester eatery not only serves up an array of stunning gelato flavours but also immerses visitors in the artistry and passion behind genuine Italian gelato making.

Utilising artisanal techniques, Gelato Village stands out among Leicester eateries for its dedication to quality and authenticity. Every batch is crafted using rare breed milk and cream sourced from Belvoir Ridge Creamery, ensuring that each scoop is as fresh and indulgent as possible.

Gelato Village, a top place to eat in Leicester

The highlight for many enthusiasts was the event’s exclusive creation, “Gelato in the Square”, which included the luxurious Marron Glacé from Piemonte. This creation, among others, underlines why Gelato Village is rated as one of the best places to eat in Leicester. The festival-like atmosphere, complemented by engaging talks and demonstrations from various local food and drink specialists, made it a culturally rich and educational experience for all attendees.

The event also offered a unique ‘Flavour Off’ challenge, providing a platform for creative culinary interpretations involving local bakers and Gelato Village’s maestri gelatieri. This collaborative spirit highlighted the community-focused ethos that defines many top Leicester eateries, including Gelato Village.

From the choice of superior ingredients to the involvement with the local community and artisans, Gelato Village exemplifies the passion and craftsmanship that go into producing each scoop of gelato. For those in search of authentic Italian flavours and a delightful culinary experience, Gelato Village at the heart of Leicester is an unmissable destination.


8. Merchant Of Venice

Located on the bustling Granby Street, the Merchant Of Venice offers an exquisite escape into the heart of Venetian culture, marking it a highlight for casual dining Leicester. The restaurant has undergone a detailed seven-month renovation, transforming it into a slice of Venice in the middle of Leicester. Patrons seeking top restaurants near me will be delighted with the authentic Italian cuisine melded with modern twists.

The carefully curated menu drives its inspiration from the alleys of Venice, with options ranging from traditional salads and starters to robust pasta dishes. Jaimon Thomas, the owner and renowned restaurateur also responsible for Kayal and Herb, promises an immersive dining experience. The restaurant is managed by Dionigi Riganello, whose expertise as the former manager at the prestigious San Carlo restaurant ensures a top-notch service.

  • Breakfast delights: Indulge in the Leicester breakfast (£4.95), the richer Venice breakfast (£5.95), or the hearty Merchant breakfast (£6.95).
  • Lunch specialties: Include Arancini (£5.50 each), Chicken Milanese in Ciabatta (£5.70), and classic Lasagna (£6.95).
  • Vegan options: Satisfy your diet with a Vegan breakfast (£5.95) or a Quinoa Salad with tofu (£6.95).
  • Pasta perfections: Choose from Penne Alla Veneziana (£10.25), Tagliatelle Salmone (£12.95), or Linguine con Gamberoni (£15.50).
  • Salads and starters: From a simple Chicken Salad (£10.20) to an eclectic Antipasto Misti (£11.20).

The Merchant Of Venice also features dessert delights like gelato from Six Hills Cafe, adding a perfect end to your meals. The establishment caters to the digital era by accepting payments through Uber Eats, enhancing convenience for visitors.

Open from 7am until 5pm Monday to Saturday, it offers flexibility for both early birds and lunch crowds, although it remains closed on Sundays. Despite its FHRS rating being “Awaiting Inspection”, the management’s commitment to excellence suggests that high standards are maintained.

casual dining Leicester

Whether you’re a local or just searching for top restaurants near me, the Merchant Of Venice on Granby Street stands out as a must-visit for those who appreciate the blend of traditional Italian flavours and modern culinary innovation.


9. JB Kitchen

JB Kitchen has quickly risen to prominence within the Leicester city dining guide, known for its commitment to quality and a diverse menu that defines fine dining restaurants in Leicester. This destination not only promises refined gastronomic delights but also a memorable dining experience for both locals and tourists alike.

fine dining restaurants in Leicester

The essence of JB Kitchen is its dedication to fostering a connection between the diner and the vibrant food scene of Leicester. Through a harmonious blend of traditional techniques and contemporary flavours, JB Kitchen brings each dish to life, ensuring a sensory delight with every bite.

  • Exquisite sourcing of ingredients, focusing on freshness and local produce.
  • An elegant atmosphere that complements its culinary exquisiteness.
  • Diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences and culinary tastes.

As a pinnacle of fine dining restaurants in Leicester, JB Kitchen is not just about food; it’s about creating lasting impressions and moments that diners cherish. Whether you’re a local exploring the Leicester city dining guide or a visitor indulging in the city’s culinary offerings, JB Kitchen stands out as a must-visit establishment.


10. Watson’s Cocktail Bar

Among the trendsetting restaurants Leicester boasts, Watson’s Cocktail Bar stands out prominently. It’s not just the vibrant selection of meticulously crafted cocktails that appeals but also its unique array of small plates that pulls in the crowd. Located at 94 Granby Street, LE1 1DJ, this destination is perfect for those looking to experience one of the most popular dining spots Leicester has to offer.

Reinvented in November 2023, Watson’s delivers a purely vegan menu priced attractively around £5 for dishes and up to £8.50 for lavish cocktails. Favourites like the Tofu Ularth and Sweet Potato Varattiyathu coexist beautifully with deluxe beverages like the Chai Spirit, making it a top choice for both drink enthusiasts and foodies alike. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, you can book a table online, earning Quandoo Loyalty Points in the process.

Despite its lack of outdoor seating, the bar’s indoor ambiance creates the perfect backdrop for a night out. As the cocktail list continues to evolve, guests can look forward to theatrical cocktails meant for sharing. Operating under a commitment to sustainable and creative vegan cooking, Watson’s offers a modern twist on Kerala-style tapas, ensuring a robust culinary experience in a sophisticated setting.

To experience the pulse of Leicester’s dynamic food scene, make your way to Watson’s Cocktail Bar. Perfect for either a serene evening or a vibrant night out with friends, this bar ensures every visit is memorable. For bookings, you can contact Watson’s directly at (+44) 07961 767949.



Leicester restaurant reviews often highlight the exceptional facilities, including family-friendly environments, beer gardens, and areas for children to play, which further accentuates the city’s appeal as a destination for relaxed and enjoyable dining experiences. The city’s licensed restaurants have seen almost a one-third increase in their numbers over the past five years, and cafes have more than doubled, reflecting the public’s enduring love and support for lively and versatile hospitality ventures. It is these establishments, offering everything from delectable pub classics to innovative international cuisine, that make Leicester’s gastronomy scene a beacon for both locals and visitors looking to savour extraordinary dining experiences.


What are some of the top restaurants in Leicester?

Leicester’s top dining destinations include Sixes Social Cricket Leicester, The Case Restaurant, The Blacksmiths Arms, North Bar and Kitchen, The White Peacock, Kayal, Gelato Village, Merchant Of Venice, JB Kitchen, and Watson’s Cocktail Bar.

Where can I experience fine dining restaurants in Leicester?

For an exquisite dining experience, you can visit The Case Restaurant, which is known for its locally sourced produce and sophisticated menu, or The White Peacock, which offers a refined culinary journey. Both establishments are among the finest dining venues in Leicester city.

Are there any unique dining experiences in Leicester?

Yes, for a unique fusion of cuisine and sporting fun, try Sixes Social Cricket Leicester. If you’re looking for authentic Venetian cuisine, Merchant Of Venice is set to become a new favourite. JB Kitchen, with its diverse menu, also offers a unique gastronomic delight.

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