Top Places to Visit in Norway | Northern Delights!

Norway is a spectacular destination with stunning fjords, dramatic landscapes, and a wealth of cultural and natural attractions. Whether you’re interested in exploring vibrant cities, hiking through breathtaking mountains, or witnessing the mesmerising Northern Lights, Norway has something for everyone. Here are some of the top places to visit in Norway, showcasing its unique beauty and charm.

First, let’s dive into the best places in Norway that you cannot miss. The country is famous for its picturesque landscapes, and one of the most popular attractions is the magical fjords. These scenic spots offer breathtaking views of steep cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and cascading waterfalls. Your Norway sightseeing experience won’t be complete without a visit to the famous Norwegian landmarks such as Geirangerfjord, Nærøyfjord, and Trolltunga.

So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through the top places to visit in Norway. Explore the Norwegian landmarks, immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready for an adventure in Northern Delights!

Top Places to Visit in Norway

These are just a few highlights of the many popular destinations Norway has to offer. From the cosmopolitan capital of Oslo to the breathtaking beauty of Hardangerfjord, every corner of the country has its own unique charm. Whether you’re looking for natural wonders, cultural experiences, or outdoor adventures, Norway will not disappoint.

Oslo – Best for Museums and Architecture

Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is a vibrant and dynamic destination known for its world-class museums, impressive architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore a plethora of attractions that cater to different interests and preferences.

Viking Ship Museum

One of the must-visit attractions in Oslo is the Viking Ship Museum. Here, visitors can marvel at the beautifully preserved Viking ships that date back to the 9th century. These ancient vessels provide a fascinating glimpse into Norway’s seafaring past and the rich history of the Viking Age.

Munch Museum

Art enthusiasts will find the Munch Museum a captivating destination. Dedicated to the works of the renowned Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, this museum showcases a comprehensive collection of his paintings, drawings, sculptures, and graphic works. It offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the artistic expressions of one of Norway’s most celebrated artists.

Oslo Opera House

An architectural gem, the Oslo Opera House is a must-see for those interested in modern design. The sleek lines and innovative features of the building add to its allure. Visitors can explore the interior, admire the panoramic views of the city from the rooftop, or even catch a performance at this world-class venue.

Oslo National Museum

For a comprehensive and engaging exploration of Norway’s cultural heritage, the Oslo National Museum is an excellent choice. Housing an extensive collection of art, cultural artifacts, and historical objects, this museum offers a journey through Norwegian history, from prehistoric times to the present day.

Nobel Peace Center

Located in the heart of Oslo, the Nobel Peace Center provides visitors with insights into the extraordinary individuals and efforts that have been recognized with the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize. Through interactive exhibits and thought-provoking displays, visitors can learn about the achievements and impact of these peace laureates.

Exploring Oslo, visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to museums and architectural wonders. With attractions like the Viking Ship Museum, the Munch Museum, the Oslo Opera House, the Oslo National Museum, and the Nobel Peace Center, this vibrant city truly offers something for every culture enthusiast.

Lofoten Islands – Best for Astonishing Arctic Beauty

The Lofoten Islands, located in northern Norway, are a paradise for nature lovers and photographers. This archipelago boasts breathtaking Arctic beauty, with jagged mountains rising from the sea, picturesque villages, and incredible wildlife.

Visitors to the Lofoten Islands can immerse themselves in the stunning landscapes and explore the dramatic fjords that carve their way through the islands. The lofoten hiking trails offer incredible opportunities to witness the untouched beauty of the region, with panoramic views at every turn. From challenging mountain hikes to leisurely coastal walks, there’s something for hikers of all abilities.

Kayaking is another popular activity for those looking to discover the hidden corners of the Lofoten Islands. Paddle along the rugged coastline, marvel at the sheer cliffs and caves, and get up close to the abundant marine life that calls these waters home. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced kayaker, the lofoten kayaking experiences in this region are truly unforgettable.

Wildlife and the Northern Lights

The Lofoten Islands are teeming with wildlife, providing ample opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers. Keep an eye out for seabirds, seals, and even whales as you explore the pristine waters of the islands.

But perhaps the most enchanting natural phenomenon that attracts visitors to the Lofoten Islands is the lofoten aurora borealis, also known as the Northern Lights. As the night sky dances with vibrant hues of green, pink, and purple, it’s an awe-inspiring spectacle that must be witnessed in person. The Lofoten Islands offer some of the best vantage points to experience this celestial show, away from light pollution and surrounded by the majestic beauty of nature.

lofoten hiking

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, a nature lover, or simply in search of tranquility, the Lofoten Islands offer an extraordinary getaway. Immerse yourself in the astonishing Arctic beauty, embark on thrilling adventures, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Jotunheimen – Best for Hiking and Trekking

Jotunheimen, known as the “home of the giants,” is a mountainous region in central Norway that offers some of the best hiking and trekking opportunities in the country. With its 29 highest summits and breathtaking scenery, Jotunheimen is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Visitors can choose to stay in mountain lodges or cabins and embark on day hikes or multi-day trekking adventures. The region is easily accessible from the fjord region and other cities, making it a must-visit destination for nature lovers.

jotunheimen hiking

Explore the Majestic Jotunheimen National Park

At the heart of Jotunheimen lies the magnificent Jotunheimen National Park. Covering an area of over 1,000 square kilometers, this stunning park is home to towering peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and picturesque valleys. The park offers a wide range of hiking trails, catering to both beginners and experienced hikers.

  • For those seeking a challenging adventure, the Besseggen Ridge hike is a must. This 17-kilometer trail takes you across a narrow ridge with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and lakes.
  • If you prefer a less strenuous hike, the famous Galdhøpiggen hike is a great option. Standing at 2,469 meters, Galdhøpiggen is the highest peak in Norway and offers panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.
  • For a more immersive experience, consider embarking on a multi-day trek through Jotunheimen. The popular Jotunheimen Roundtrip takes you through some of the most scenic areas of the park, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in its natural beauty.

Experience the Warm Hospitality of Jotunheimen Lodges

After a day of hiking and exploring, retreat to one of the cozy mountain lodges scattered throughout Jotunheimen. These lodges provide comfortable accommodations and warm hospitality, allowing you to recharge and relax in the heart of nature.

  • Jotunheimen Lodge: Located in the village of Beitostølen, this lodge offers a range of accommodation options, from private cabins to shared dormitories. Enjoy a traditional Norwegian meal at the lodge’s restaurant and soak in the stunning mountain views.
  • Memurubu Lodge: Situated by the famous Besseggen Ridge trail, this historic lodge offers a rustic yet comfortable experience. Rest in one of the traditional mountain huts and savor local delicacies at the lodge’s restaurant.
  • Spiterstulen Lodge: Nestled at the foot of Galdhøpiggen, this family-run lodge provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Unwind in the sauna after a long day of hiking and indulge in delicious homemade meals.

Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner exploring the outdoors, Jotunheimen offers a wealth of natural beauty and adventure. From its awe-inspiring peaks to its tranquil valleys, this region is a haven for those seeking an unforgettable hiking and trekking experience in Norway.

Sognefjord – Best for Stave Churches and Pretty Fjordside Villages

Sognefjord, the longest and deepest fjord in Norway, is a natural wonder that will leave you in awe. This magnificent fjord is adorned with picturesque villages and carries a rich cultural heritage in the form of medieval stave churches.

Exploring Sognefjord is a treat for the senses. You can embark on a relaxing cruise along the fjord and soak in the breathtaking scenery that surrounds you. Make sure to take in the beauty of UNESCO-listed Aurlandsfjord and Nærøyfjord, two enchanting fjords within the Sognefjord region.

What makes Sognefjord truly special are its stave churches, which offer a glimpse into Norway’s past. The well-preserved Urnes and Borgund Stave Churches are architectural marvels that will transport you back in time and provide insight into the country’s cultural heritage.

While exploring the Sognefjord region, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the scenic Flåm Railway. This iconic railway journey takes you from the fjord’s shores into the heart of the mountainous interior, offering stunning views along the way.


Hardangerfjord – Best for Waterfalls and Cider

The Hardangerfjord is a breathtaking destination that offers a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts and fruit lovers alike. As Norway’s second-longest fjord, it boasts stunning waterfalls, serene inlets, and picturesque landscapes that will leave you spellbound.

For those seeking adventure, the Hardangerfjord provides an array of thrilling activities to choose from. Kayaking through the crystal-clear waters, cycling along scenic routes, and embarking on exhilarating hikes are just a few of the options available to keep your adrenaline pumping.

One of the highlights of this region is its renowned fruit orchards, particularly the apple and cherry trees. Every year, from mid-May to mid-June, these orchards burst into a riot of vibrant colors, creating a breathtaking and picturesque scenery that is truly a feast for the eyes.

While exploring the beauty of the Hardangerfjord, don’t miss the opportunity to treat your taste buds with some locally produced cider and juice. With the freshest ingredients from the orchards, the cider and juice in this region are bursting with flavor and offer a refreshing taste of Norway’s culinary delights.

Experience the wonders of the Hardangerfjord and immerse yourself in its stunning natural beauty. Whether you’re a nature lover, an adventure seeker, or a food enthusiast, this enchanting destination will leave you with unforgettable memories.

hardangerfjord waterfalls

Bergen – Best Mix of Urban Attractions and Outdoor Recreation

Bergen, the second-largest city in Norway, offers an incredible combination of urban attractions and natural wonders. This vibrant city is a must-visit destination that has something to offer for everyone.

One of the top attractions in Bergen is the iconic Bryggen Wharf. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known for its colorful wooden buildings and narrow alleyways. Stroll through this historic area and immerse yourself in the charming ambiance of the past.

To experience breathtaking views of the city and surrounding landscapes, head to Mount Fløyen. You can choose to take a funicular or hike to the top of this mountain and be rewarded with panoramic vistas. Don’t forget your camera, as the scenery is truly mesmerizing.

Bergen is also home to a variety of excellent museums that showcase art, history, and culture. Explore the Bergen Museums and delve into fascinating exhibitions that highlight the city’s rich heritage.

When it comes to food, Bergen’s culinary scene is a delight for seafood lovers. Indulge in the city’s vibrant seafood offerings and savor the fresh catch of the day. Whether you prefer traditional dishes or innovative seafood creations, Bergen will satisfy your taste buds.

Experience the Best of Bergen

To make the most of your visit to Bergen, consider exploring the following attractions:

  1. Bryggen Wharf – Discover the historical charm of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  2. Mount Fløyen – Enjoy panoramic views of Bergen from the top of this iconic mountain.
  3. Bergen Museums – Immerse yourself in the city’s rich art, history, and culture.
  4. Sample Bergen’s seafood – Delight in the city’s vibrant culinary scene and taste the freshest seafood.

With its perfect mix of urban attractions and outdoor recreation, Bergen is truly a city that should not be missed on your visit to Norway.


Norway is a destination that truly has it all, from breathtaking fjords and stunning landscapes to vibrant cities and rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply the chance to relax and immerse yourself in the country’s natural beauty, Norway offers a wealth of options.

From the cosmopolitan capital of Oslo to the remote and scenic Lofoten Islands, every corner of Norway has its unique charm and attractions. Explore the world-class museums and impressive architecture in Oslo, or indulge in the Arctic beauty of the Lofoten Islands with its mesmerizing Northern Lights and incredible wildlife.

For hiking enthusiasts, Jotunheimen is a must-visit destination, while Sognefjord offers the perfect blend of stunning fjords, medieval stave churches, and picturesque villages. In Hardangerfjord, you can experience the beauty of waterfalls and fruit orchards, and in Bergen, you’ll find a mix of urban attractions and outdoor recreation.

Whether you’re fascinated by Norwegian landmarks, interested in exploring the top tourist spots of Norway, or simply looking for must-see places in Norway, a visit to this beautiful country will leave you with unforgettable memories and a desire to return. So pack your bags and embark on an adventure to discover the wonders of Norway!


What are the top places to visit in Norway?

Some of the top places to visit in Norway are Oslo, Lofoten Islands, Jotunheimen, Sognefjord, Hardangerfjord, and Bergen.

What attractions can I visit in Oslo?

In Oslo, you can visit the Viking Ship Museum, Munch Museum, Oslo Opera House, Oslo National Museum, and Nobel Peace Center.

What makes the Lofoten Islands special?

The Lofoten Islands are known for their astonishing Arctic beauty, including jagged mountains, picturesque villages, wildlife, and the mesmerizing Northern Lights.

Why should I visit Jotunheimen?

Jotunheimen is a mountainous region that offers some of the best hiking and trekking opportunities in Norway, with breathtaking scenery and the chance to stay in mountain lodges or cabins.

What can I see and do in Sognefjord?

In Sognefjord, you can enjoy a scenic cruise, visit charming villages, explore well-preserved stave churches, and ride on the famous Flåm Railway.

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