Top 10 Llandudno Hotels | Your Seaside Getaway!

Welcome to the ultimate list of top 10 Llandudno hotels. This is your guide to the best seaside escapes. Here, you’ll find everything from luxury stays with stunning ocean views to budget-friendly rooms near the beach.

After lots of research, we picked the best hotels in Llandudno for you. Whether you prefer grand luxury or cosy boutique vibes, each place is special. All are known for their warm welcome.

Top 10 Llandudno Hotels

Our list has the perfect spot for you, whether you love splurging or saving. Dreaming of stunning sea views in the morning? We’ve got just the place. Need a pet-friendly room? We can help with that too. Or want to be by the lively seaside? There are hotels steps from the sand.

1. Hen-Dy

Hen-Dy is a lovely seaside hotel in Llandudno. It is right by the beach and has amazing sea views, making it the perfect place for a coast retreat.

The hotel offers cosy rooms and a warm welcoming atmosphere. It’s great for a romantic trip or a family holiday. You’ll enjoy a comfortable and peaceful stay at Hen-Dy.

Visitors love the hotel’s care and top-notch service. They enjoy the snug rooms with sea views and the tasty breakfast each day. Staying at Hen-Dy means you’ll have an unforgettable time.

seaside hotel llandudno

Book a stay at Hen-Dy to experience the calm of beautiful Llandudno. It’s the perfect place for a peaceful holiday by the sea.

2. Travelodge Llandudno Hotel

If you’re after a comfy yet affordable place in Llandudno, the Travelodge Llandudno Hotel is a great pick. It’s budget-friendly but doesn’t skimp on quality.

Situated at the heart of Llandudno, this hotel is perfect for exploring. From the Great Orme to the busy town center, it’s easy to get around.

Expect snug and tidy rooms that make you feel at home. The staff here are friendly and always willing to help. They’ll make sure your stay is smooth and enjoyable.

This hotel’s low prices mean you can save on room costs. Then, you can use that money to dive into Llandudno’s sights and sounds.

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3. St. George’s Hotel

St. George’s Hotel sits in Llandudno and is known for luxury and great sea views. It offers many amenities for a top-notch experience. As you enter, the lobby’s elegance and sophistication will charm you.

It’s right by the beach, giving you amazing sea views. Picture waking up to waves and enjoying tea on your balcony. Llandudno’s coast, seen from the sea view rooms, brings peace and relaxation.

The hotel’s spa is a place to unwind. Skilled therapists offer treatments for your body and soul. A massage, hot tub soak, or pool swim bring relaxation in a serene setting.

The restaurant is perfect for a yummy meal. Chefs there show off their skills. You can have a seafood treat or taste a juicy steak with sea views. The elegant setting and great service will make lasting memories.

End your day in the hotel’s trendy bar and lounge. Enjoy a cocktail or fine wine. Relax, think about the beauty around you and your wonderful days at the hotel.

Guests love St. George’s Hotel for its beauty and excellent staff. The staff’s care and attention make for unforgettable stays.

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Beachfront Luxury and Spectacular Sea Views

St. George’s Hotel is in Llandudno, offering luxury and stunning sea views. It’s a place where you can find comfort and elegance. Every moment at this exquisite hotel is crafted to make you happy and leave you with great memories.

4. The Wildings Hotel & Tudno’s Restaurant

The Wildings Hotel & Tudno’s Restaurant is a lovely place in Llandudno. It’s known for its special charm and great food. People love to stay here for a coastal break.

It’s very close to the beach. The rooms are comfy and nice. They give you a peaceful place after a day exploring the town. You can choose from small to big rooms. They are all made to make you feel at home.

Tudno’s Restaurant is a top spot at The Wildings Hotel. It’s classy and serves amazing food. They use fresh seafood and local ingredients. Every meal is made with love and skill.

The staff are really kind and helpful. They make sure you have a great stay. They help with tips on what to do. And they’re there for whatever you need.

Staying at The Wildings Hotel means enjoying luxury and great food. It’s the perfect place for a wonderful break. Make your booking now for a trip you won’t forget.

The Wildings Hotel & Tudno's Restaurant

5. Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel

The Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel is found right on the lovely beachfront of Llandudno. It’s a great place for those looking for a lavish escape. The views of the sea and the fine rooms here make your stay unforgettable.

This hotel is among Llandudno’s premier luxury places. It’s favoured by guests who love to indulge themselves. Its fine details and top-notch service stand out, appealing to those who appreciate quality.

Guests really love the helpful staff at the Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel. They make sure your every wish is their command. When you arrive, you’re welcomed warmly and looked after with care.

Here, you’ll find lots of things to make your stay better. You might want to take a walk by the beach. Or, you can kick back in your room and enjoy the stunning sea views. The choice is all yours.

beachfront hotels llandudno

The Lawton & Lauriston Court Hotel is focused on making your stay extra special. If you’re here for a romantic trip or to unwind, you won’t be disappointed. This beachfront beauty in Llandudno will charm you for sure.

6. Llandudno Bay Hotel

The Llandudno Bay Hotel is a luxury stay by the sea. It’s in Llandudno, making it perfect for a special trip. You get to enjoy beautiful sea views and top-notch service here.

It has elegant rooms and rich amenities for a comfy and indulgent time. There are spacious suites and well-crafted guestrooms. They aim to make your stay better than you thought.

The best thing is the view of the bay from your room. It’s stunning, and you can see it whenever you want, even while eating. This adds something special to your meal.

Guests love the great service from the friendly staff. They make sure you’re happy from the moment you arrive till you leave. This personal touch makes your stay memorable.

There’s lots to do for fun and relaxation. You can get a spa treatment, swim in the pool, or work out. There’s also a cool bar and lounge area for drinks and meeting people.

Llandudno Bay Hotel is known for luxury, amazing views, and great service. It’s a top choice for a wide range of trips. Whether you’re here for love, with your family, or just to chill, it’s an experience you won’t forget.

7. The Oasis

The Oasis is a welcoming hotel in Llandudno. It’s perfect for travellers with pets. The place offers cosy rooms and great amenities for you and your pet.

At The Oasis, we know pets are family. We offer special pet-friendly rooms and areas for playtime. This makes the stay both for you and your pet. I a

We understand travelling with pets can be tough. But at The Oasis, it’s simple. We ensure your pet’s stay is comfortable. We provide all you might need, like bowls and treats. Plus, we know the best pet-friendly places around.

Our hotel is more than just pet-friendly. The Oasis is full of things to do. You can walk on the sandy beach nearby or eat in our restaurant. We’re in a perfect spot to explore Llandudno.

The Oasis isn’t just for pet owners. It’s a top choice for anyone visiting. Our staff is friendly, and our rooms are comfy. Exploring Llandudno’s beauty starts here.

No matter how you travel, The Oasis is your best spot. Join us, and discover Llandudno from our pet-friendly hotel.

8. Tynedale Hotel

Looking for budget accommodation in Llandudno near the beach? The Tynedale Hotel fits the bill perfectly. It’s in a spot that’s easy to reach and offers cosy rooms at great prices.

People love how friendly and helpful the Tynedale Hotel’s staff is. They make sure your stay is smooth. Plus, the hotel is close to many exciting places in Llandudno.

At the Tynedale Hotel, you can relax with stunning views right by the beach. It’s a top pick for those on a budget or anyone wanting a beach holiday.

Imagine exploring Llandudno with a stay at the Tynedale Hotel. It’s where value and a prime beach spot meet. Why not book now and make some great memories?

9. The Belmont Llandudno

The Belmont Llandudno is a top-notch hotel in Llandudno. It’s known for its stunning sea views and top-notch service. When you enter, you’ll see class and style all around. It’s renowned as one of Llandudno’s finest luxury hotels.

Staying at The Belmont Llandudno is sure to be amazing. The rooms are big and gorgeous, offering a perfect place to relax after sightseeing. Imagine waking up to the sea’s sounds, then having breakfast with an amazing view.

The hotel is filled with things to make your stay special. You can chill at the spa or enjoy a swim in the indoor pool. Want to stay fit? Hit the gym. There’s something for everyone here.

Don’t miss the chance to dine here. The chefs create delicious meals with local ingredients. Everything, from the seafood to the desserts, is fantastic. Then, grab a drink at the bar and watch the sunset over the sea.

People love The Belmont Llandudno for its beauty, rooms, and great service. It’s perfect for a romantic escape, a fun family trip, or just to unwind. The Belmont Llandudno is waiting to make your holiday special.

10. The Marine Hotel

The Marine Hotel is in the stunning coastal town of Llandudno. It’s a perfect place for a holiday by the sea. Here, you and your pet can enjoy a break together without leaving your dog or cat at home.

Guests love the kind and helpful hotel staff. They help make your stay with your furry friends as great as possible. They offer pet beds and bowls. And they share places nearby that welcome pets. This care makes your pet feel welcome.

This hotel is right next to the beach. So, you and your pet can breathe in the fresh sea air and have lovely walks. And after exploring the coast, relax in the cosy rooms of the hotel.


Llandudno is a beautiful seaside town that offers a range of fantastic hotels for visitors to choose from. Whether you are looking for luxury or budget accommodation, these top 10 hotels in Llandudno have something for everyone. From stunning views and great amenities to excellent customer service and convenient locations, any of these hotels would make the perfect base for your next trip to this charming Welsh town. So why wait? Book your stay at one of these top-rated Llandudno hotels and experience all that this lovely destination has to offer!


Are these hotels located in Llandudno?

Yes, all the hotels listed are in Llandudno.

Do any of these hotels offer sea views?

Yes, many hotels have beautiful sea views. Some of them include St. George’s Hotel and The Marine Hotel.

Are there any budget-friendly options on this list?

Yes, you’ll find budget-friendly choices here. For example, Travelodge Llandudno Hotel offers comfort at a good price.

Are any of these hotels pet-friendly?

Yes, The Oasis and The Marine Hotel welcome pets.

Which hotels on this list are known for their luxury accommodations?

St. George’s Hotel and others offer luxurious stays.

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