Top 10 Lichfield Restaurants | Discover Local Favourites!

Welcome to Lichfield, a city in Staffordshire known for its lively food scene. Here, you’ll find everything from cosy cafes to elegant dining spots. Lichfield offers a wide variety of tastes for anyone looking for a special meal.

Ready to explore the best restaurants in Lichfield? We’re about to show you the local food stars. Get set to find your new go-to place for a great meal!

Get ready to discover why Lichfield is a dream for anyone who loves good food. It’s time to check out the top 10 restaurants that make Lichfield’s food scene stand out!

Top 10 Lichfield Restaurants

We’re excited to share the amazing dishes you can try in Lichfield. From Indian to Italian to classic British food, there’s a lot on offer. Lichfield has the perfect food for every taste.

1. Panka Walla

Panka Walla is a top restaurant in Lichfield. It is loved for its tasty Indian dishes. At Panka Walla, you’ll find everything from classic curries to street food.

Panka Walla

Expect a taste journey through India’s spices and herbs here. They serve everything from favourites like butter chicken to new dishes mixing old and new tastes.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is welcoming and comfy. It’s perfect for any occasion – be it a date, family time, or a friend’s get-together. You’ll feel right at home at Panka Walla.

2. Dubberley Delicious

Dubberley Delicious is a charming restaurant in Lichfield. It focuses on fresh, locally sourced ingredients. The menu has both comfort classics and innovative dishes.

If you seek Lichfield’s best, visit Dubberley Delicious. The chefs love using local produce. Their dishes, like the slow-cooked lamb, are full of flavour. You must try the chocolate lava cake, too.

The restaurant is perfect for any event. It offers an inviting ambiance. The staff are attentive and friendly, making every visit special.

Using local ingredients is at the core of Dubberley Delicious. This supports the community. Every dish, from tenderloin steak to sea bass, shows their care and detail.

Don’t miss their special dishes. Options like the tenderloin steak, sea bass, and many vegetarian items are available. There’s something to fit every taste.

Pair your meal with a great wine or craft beer. The staff can help you choose the perfect match. It adds to your dining pleasure.

Book ahead for lunch or dinner at Dubberley Delicious. It’s loved by locals and tourists. For a fantastic dining delight in Lichfield, Dubberley Delicious is the place to be.

Dubberley Delicious

3. Cigno

Cigno is a beloved Italian restaurant in Lichfield. It’s well known for its authentic tastes and friendly atmosphere. The menu is filled with the best of Italian cuisine, giving a real taste of Italy in the heart of Lichfield.

At Cigno, you can try out many delicious dishes. They use only the finest ingredients. You’ll love their handmade pasta and wood-fired pizzas. It feels like you’re dining on the streets of Italy.

One great thing at Cigno is their wide array of Italian wines. The restaurant matches each wine with the dish you choose. This makes your dining experience truly unforgettable.

Cigno has a charming feel and welcoming staff. Because of this, it’s a top choice for those who love Italy’s true flavours. It’s perfect for both romance and casual dining with loved ones. Cigno offers a fantastic Italian dining experience.

Cigno - Italian restaurant in Lichfield

Visit Cigno and enjoy the delicious flavours of Italy. It’s a favourite in Lichfield and for a good reason.

4. Streetly Balti

Streetly Balti is in the heart of Lichfield, loved by locals and visitors. It’s famous for its balti dishes, giving people a real taste of India.

The restaurant focuses on tradition and uses the best ingredients. Every dish highlighted Indian flavours. Whether you like it hot or mild, there’s something for you.

What makes Streetly Balti special is their care for customers. The team is friendly and makes everyone feel at home. The cosy setting is perfect for any type of meal.

Streetly Balti is highly praised and has a loyal following. You must visit to enjoy the food and hospitality yourself. See why it’s a top choice in Lichfield.

Streetly Balti

5. The Feathers Inn

The Feathers Inn is a cosy pub and restaurant in Lichfield. It offers a warm, inviting atmosphere to all diners. This makes it a top pick for anyone needing a delicious meal. Its welcoming interior and staff make it a favourite spot for local people and tourists.

The menu at The Feathers Inn combines the best of British cuisine with flair from around the world. You will find favourites like fish and chips and roasts alongside exotic dishes like Thai curry and fresh salads. Everything is made with care, using local ingredients to ensure great taste.

Don’t miss the chance to taste their special dishes when at The Feathers Inn. Their steak and ale pie, packed with tender beef, is a spotlight. For seafood fans, try their fish and chips. It comes with golden batter, chunky chips, and the classic tartar sauce.

For drinks, The Feathers Inn boasts a wide selection. There are local brews, international wines, and various spirits ready for you. Whether you enjoy a cold pint or prefer elegant wines, you’ll find your perfect match here.

When dining at The Feathers Inn, expect a cosy and friendly experience. The staff works hard to make your visit memorable. It’s ideal for catching up with friends or marking a significant event. The Feathers Inn stands out as one of the warmest places to eat in Lichfield.

cosy eateries Lichfield

6. Pesto Sutton Coldfield

If you want a fancy place to eat near Lichfield, Pesto Sutton Coldfield is your spot. It’s a top restaurant for Italian food and fine dining.

The chefs at Pesto Sutton Coldfield use real Italian flavours and the best ingredients. They make amazing meals from tasty pastas to sweet desserts. Every meal here is like a taste of Italy’s great food traditions.

This restaurant has a classy and beautiful vibe, great for special events. It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or if you just want a special meal. Pesto Sutton Coldfield promises to make your night unforgettable.

As soon as you walk in, Pesto Sutton Coldfield’s team welcomes you warmly. They’re ready to help with anything you need. The wine experts can also suggest the best wines for your meal.

Found near Lichfield, Pesto Sutton Coldfield is a rare find. Enjoy its stylish setting, fabulous tastes, and make moments to remember. This place is a must-visit for anyone looking for a memorable Italian meal.

7. The Bull’s Head

The Bull’s Head is a lovely family-friendly restaurant in Lichfield. It’s known for its warm welcome and tasty food. Whether you’re thinking about eating out with family or celebrating a special day, it’s the ideal spot.

We cater to families well at The Bull’s Head. Our children’s menu is full of delicious meals kids will enjoy. You can find favourites like burgers and fish and chips, but also healthier picks like pasta and salads. We think happy kids mean happy families, so we work hard to ensure everyone has a great time.

While kids enjoy their food, parents can chill in our cosy dining area. Our team is ready to help and suggest the best meals for you. Plus, our bar serves up a variety of drinks for the grown-ups to enjoy.

Our menu is made to please everyone. You might fancy a classic like fish and chips or something more exotic. We use local ingredients to guarantee top quality in every dish.

If you’re planning a big event, we’ve got you covered. The Bull’s Head has private dining options. Our events team will help you create a menu and setting that’s just right.

For any occasion, The Bull’s Head is a top choice for families. With its friendly vibe, great food, and excellent service, your visit will be memorable.

8. Upstairs By Tom Shepherd

Upstairs By Tom Shepherd is well-known in Lichfield for its unique dining. It focuses on seasonal ingredients and creative tastes. This makes it stand out with its amazing food choices.

The restaurant serves great tasting menus and à la carte dishes. Each dish highlights the finest of British food. Their kitchen team uses fresh ingredients from local suppliers.

For those who love seafood, meat, or are vegetarian, there’s something special. All dishes are made carefully, looking beautiful and tasting great.

The place has a charming atmosphere and very good service. It’s perfect for a special night or to celebrate something big. Everything is designed to make your visit extraordinary.

Discover why Upstairs By Tom Shepherd is loved by all. Book a table to enjoy delicious British food in a wonderful setting.

9. Vila Spice & Grill

Vila Spice & Grill is a well-loved Indian spot in Lichfield. It’s famous for its lively tastes and friendly vibes. Found in the city centre, it promises to take you on a journey through India’s diverse food scene.

The restaurant has a menu full of dishes from different parts of India. You can choose from tasty biryanis, hot tandoori grills, plus many veggie and vegan choices. There’s always something that meets your preferences.

Love a spicy curry or a not-so-hot biryani? Vila Spice & Grill has exactly what you want. Their chefs use the best spices and ingredients. Each dish is full of flavour and excitement for your senses.

Enjoy your meal in a cosy atmosphere. The place is decked out beautifully and the service is caring. It’s ideal for any occasion, be it a quiet dinner, a family get-together, or a catch-up with mates.

Looking for Indian food in Lichfield? Vila Spice & Grill is the spot to be. It’s known for its friendly vibes, diverse menu, and lively flavours. Come taste the heart of India at Vila Spice & Grill. It’s a unique food adventure waiting for you.

10. Brewhouse & Kitchen – Sutton Coldfield

Brewhouse & Kitchen in Sutton Coldfield is a special spot. It’s just near Lichfield. Here, you get great food and craft beer. For the best dining in Lichfield, this place is a must-visit.

The restaurant’s menu is filled with dishes from local ingredients. This means everything is fresh and high quality. If you want classic pub meals or new tastes, this is your place.

Brewhouse & Kitchen is unique because it has its own microbrewery. They make a range of tasty beers there. You can pick the perfect beer to go with your meal.

The setting at Brewhouse & Kitchen is very welcoming. The staff is always ready to help. Their menu fits different diets. It’s a great place for any meal, with anyone.

In Sutton Coldfield, close to Lichfield, this is a hidden gem. It’s where good food, craft beer, and a lively vibe come together. Whether you live nearby or are just visiting, you must eat here for an unforgettable experience.

Ready to taste some special flavours and enjoy a lively scene? Brewhouse & Kitchen – Sutton Coldfield is the place to be. It’s a top spot for dining and craft beer, showing Lichfield’s best food culture.


Lichfield is famous for its top-quality restaurants. It offers a mix of different cuisines. You can find Indian, British, and Italian food, and much more here.

Discover your favourite place to eat in Lichfield. You’ll find great meals in both cosy places and fancy ones. These top 10 restaurants in Lichfield promise unforgettable dining experiences.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, Lichfield’s food is a must. Enjoy your journey through its culinary delights. These amazing spots will make your food and hospitality dreams come true.


Are reservations required at these restaurants?

It’s a good idea to book ahead, especially when restaurants are busy. This makes sure you get a table you want.

Do these restaurants offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, you can find meat-free choices in most restaurants in Lichfield. They have options for vegans and vegetarians. This way, everyone can enjoy a meal out.

Do these restaurants cater to dietary restrictions or allergies?

Lichfield restaurants do their best to help with special dietary needs or allergies. Just give them a heads up before you visit.

Can I find gluten-free options at these restaurants?

Certainly, gluten-free meals are available at various locations. They also adjust dishes if you let them know in advance about your needs.

Do these restaurants have outdoor seating?

You can enjoy eating outside at a few of these places. If the weather is nice, it’s a lovely option.

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